EXPERIENCE | ILLE Prefabbricati Srl, since 1950…

ILLE, a 60 years’ experience of building wooden houses…

Experience, vision, passion and dedication have brought ILLE to the new millennium

The sensitivity nowadays towards sustainable construction and energy issues (that have always been part of ILLE philosophy) represents an incentive to innovate, improving the building systems.

Wood working industry from 1950

ILLE PREFABBRICATI Srl is located in Spiazzo Rendena, Trentino, in the heart of the Brenta Dolomites. From the beginning we have chosen a philosophy about quality products; our brand stands for quality, expertise and innovation in the field of prefabricated wooden houses, our services are characterized by being highly customizable and advanced.

We are involved in domestic and foreign markets, we can now boast a over 50 years’ experience in woodworking and works to provide new concepts and advanced technology buildings, where the know-how constantly changes and updates itself, to enable the buildings to be suitable in any weathers and environments.

ILLE manufactures wooden houses, prefabricated houses, wooden prefabricated villas, ecological houses, earthquake-proof houses, green building houses, energy-efficient houses, wooden buildings, public facilities, wooden, green architecture prefabricated structures, CasaClima houses, passive houses, ... using the latest technologies in wood construction!

Wood is always home for ILLE


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