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Not conventional buildings: rapidity and flexibility in planning and implementing an ILLE wooden building

ILLE has a large experience in wooden buildings construction of various types and function. The wooden buildings technology and the various ILLE construction methods support a flexible approach in implementing complex projects of not conventional buildings.

Public and worship-type building, business centers and conference facilities, sales offices are just an ex-sample of in how many different solutions the ILLE construction methods can be adapted to.

Why building with ILLE a non conventional building

• planning flexibility and adaptability
• fast implementation
• low house operational costs
• sustainability and low energy consumption

• high structural standards for seismic safety
• lifetime house structure warranty



Sistemi costruttivi in legno

Construction method “Platform Frame”

The structure of this system is a load bearing wall panels combination. The bearing walls are made with a solid wood frame stiffened and braced with plywood or OSB panels type.
The space between the uprights is filled with insulating material panels.

ILLE X-LAM panels system

The structure of this system is a load bearing wall panels combination.

The bearing walls consist of a wall panel made of successive layers of solid wood boards. The wall panel thickness is designed according to the occurring loads.


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