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All ILLE certifications and qualifications

Experience, reliability, organization and innovation are the requirements to obtain certifications in a competitive and highly technological environment.

Through experience and passion, ILLE has gained a comfortable market position that enabled ILLE to receive the main certifications: costumer protection and ILLE products protection.


ILLE is an official partner of CasaClima. The internal ILLE technical staff is in possession of skills and certified courses to support architects and engineers in designing buildings with low energy consumption and high energetic performance.


ILLE Prefab has obtained the approval of the system of chain of custody and is therefore able to build entire buildings ensured by the exclusive PEFC certification.


ILLE is a member of Habitech, agency recognized by the Ministry of University and Research, an initiative for specialization in sustainable buildings and promoting the Green Building Council Italy (LEED standards).


All the construction methods used by ILLE have been tested and certified at the CNR-Ivalsa laboratories in San Michele all’Adige (TN)


A demonstration of the additional value provided by ILLE for its territory in terms of products innovation and organization, high technology and sustainability, the Autonomous Province of Trento has granted the company the use of the mark Trentino.


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