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Load bearing wooden panels “Platform Frame” construction method

Wall panel standard tipology

The load bearing wooden panels’ construction system allows optimizing the elements thickness, thanks to the insertion of insulating material within the structure section.

General specifications:

  1. Double sheet of fiber board
  2. Insulated techincal compartment
  3. Platform wall panel, insulated with a low density wood fiber layer
  4. External coat of a high density wood fiber layer
  5. External plastering/painting

The static function is performed by a spruce wooden structural frame realized with elements disposed at a regular distance (axes distance = 60-70 cm); the distance is variable according to the occurring/calculated loads and to the openings plan; the external side is done with bracing and stiffening plates (OSB, LVL, fiber board).

The pre-fabricated walls represent the vertical load-bearing closures and are characterized by a multi-layers package.

On the wall panels’ external side a facade cladding is applied (insulating coat, ventilated facade), while the wall panels internal side provides a physical support for several technological networks installations, through the implementation of a technical compartment.

The “Platform Frame” construction method is suitable for:

  • residential, modern and traditional buildings
  • recreational and tourism related buildings
  • social/public housing and post-disaster emergency buildings
  • public multi-story buildings.


The “Platform Frame” construction method is suitable for:


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