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Large works in the wooden sector

ILLE is a structured company with a large experience in implementing public buildings and large works.

ILLE is competitive and organized

ILLE is able to directly deliver large orders through its internal organization (administrative, technical, manpower and equipment sectors) and its network of collaborations both national and international.

ILLE implements turnkey buildings

ILLE has a large international experience in constructing buildings for public administration, social, real estate and businesses function. Wooden structures are of a small and large size, single and multi-story buildings, in locations and conditions sometimes not easy. The ILLE experience and knowledge enables the company to implement your projects with the highest guarantee of a turnkey finished product: cost and quality are assured and without any inconvenience.

ILLE technologically advanced

ILLE has developed wooden buildings construction systems adaptable to different housing and planning needs and to any different context or environmental situation.

This has been possible thanks to the combination of different building technologies; frame or loadbearing panels structure (X-LAM). All this ensures flexibility of use, speed of production and assembly, the reliability and structural safety and ability to ensure high coefficients of thermal and acoustic insulation.

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