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ILLE and the energy certification ARCA®

ILLE is a partner and member of the first unique certification system for wooden structure buildings.

ILLE designs and implements high performance thermal and acoustic buildings providing assistance and support to complete all steps and details to obtain the certification of ARCA ®, a brand from Trentino that certifies the quality of wooden buildings.

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ARCA - Architecture Comfort Environment is the first certification system exclusively designed for buildings with wooden structure. Besides the house "turn-key", ARCA also extends itself to individual wood components, such as windows, floors, stairs and roofs.

The ARCA idea has been conceived in Trentino, with the intention of promoting an innovative and technologically advanced product (the wooden building) capable of competing in a strong growth market represented by sustainable constructions.

Through experience gained from the project SOFIE, ARCA confirms it solid ideas.

SOFIE is a seven-story building which became famous worldwide for having positively passed the simulation of the Kobe earthquake (January 1995, 6,500 victims) resisting seismic intensity of 7.2 on the Richter scale. The test was performed on the seismic platform in Miki, Japan, October 23, 2007. Some months before a SOFIE prototype house had managed to hold on for over an hour to an important fire test made by the Building Research Institute in Tsukuba (Japan). The exceptional results have been made possible by the use of high quality materials and a special construction technique, called X-LAM (solid cross-laminated wooden panels), developed and tested by Ivalsa-CNR in collaboration with the Autonomous Province of Trento.

ARCA represents an evolution of SOFIE and represents a certification system applicable to all types of wooden buildings. The technical regulation does not define in advance specific construction methods (panel or frame structures, for example), does not report prescriptive solutions, but sets the qualitative factors, in a precise, coded and measurable mode. This has created an open system in which a big difference is represented by the quality, objectively demonstrated through design analysis, on site verification and testing during construction.

In an ARCA building sweet dreams are happening.
The quality is there, visible and guaranteed.

Independent actors - from the designing phase till the tests done on site when the building is complete – verify that the building ARCA meets all requirements of the Technical Regulations Document: the document is prepared with the support of a Technical Committee and a Scientific Committee composed of international experts.

ARCA certification advantages

Buildings should be certified because the certification guarantees high quality standards and living conditions. The certification gives significant advantages, also from an economic point of view.

Benefits for developers and buyers:

  • value of the property: certified buildings under an economic estimate are valued more than non-certified buildings;
  • lower costs: buildings audited and certified by third parties bear lower costs of insurance, such as fire insurance policy for the conductor;
  • warranty: the design and the construction of certified buildings are verified by third parties according to strict criteria of quality and also the final work is tested through precise tests, such as the blower door test and acoustic test.

Advantages for designers and manufactures:

  • recognition: the ARCA certification is a distinctive brand for quality wooden buildings and also proposes a system where both designers, manufacturers may be ARCA certified;
  • coding quality: the Technical Regulations describes what the requirements identified by the Technical and Scientific Committee are, to design and build quality wooden building, through measurable, verifiable and comparable performances
  • Lower costs: the 10 years insurance for a certified wooden building is lower than the one estimated for a traditional building.


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