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ILLE and the energy certification CasaClima

Knowledge and experience are the main requirements for the construction of a high-performance energy building

ILLE designs and implements high performance thermal and acoustic buildings providing assistance and support to complete all steps and details to obtain the energy certification of CasaClima ®.

Within the company employees, certified master professionals of CasaClima® are part of the team, with the highest level of specialization in the energy certification CasaClima Haus field; they support the internal team, professionals and businesses giving advice, training and courses.

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The walls built with different ILLE construction systems enable the building to reach high standards of thermal and acoustic insulation; those walls adapt themselves to several construction types and different climatic zones.

The thickness and type of different insulating materials are designed to ensure adequate interiors comfort both in winter and in the warmer months. The external walls and roof cover stratigraphy are designed for different climatic zones in order to obtain a correct performance of the thermo-hygrometric opaque partition and avoiding the occurrence of interstitial condensation phenomena.

All the details of the external part of the building are also designed to eliminate any thermal bridges and ensure a correct and effective air tightness of the building.


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