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The first step for the construction of a high energy performance building is a adequate design

The design of a building with a wooden structure requires knowledge of the properties, behavior and static potential shrinkage of wood material. For this reason ILLE provides ongoing support to the architectural, structural, energy and executive planning phase in order to define all the sensitive parts and construction details.

Designing and added value: the experience on site

Within ILLE technical staff are numerous professionals, engineers and architects, technicians for production and construction with different skills, with training and qualifications that can assist you in the planning and developming phase of your project. ILLE is a Casaclima certified company and within its staff many technicians are as well CasaClima certified.

How to choose the correct construction method...

...It 'a fundamental choice dictated by factors such as type of building, construction cost, fixed energy performance or versatility of the building. ILLE has six construction methods/systems, all of them are certified, to give the best response to any requirements.

Once the most suitable construction method for your building has been defined, ILLE proceeds with the selection of suitable materials for a correct behavior of the thermo-hygrometric various packages depending on the climate zone where the construction has been planned.

The structural calculation and the final drawings in 3D of the building wooden elements are an important step to define the project feasibility.


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