BUILDING WOOD SYSTEMS | ALP construction method

Load bearing wooden frame construction method_ALP

Wall panel standard tipology

The structural frame is made of laminated wood.

Beams and columns form a structural cage buffered and stiffened with non-bearing wall panel named ALP.

The insulated and modular ALP panel is made of solid wood while the external finishing is made with massive wood boards.

General specifications:

  1. Root of larch wood
  2. Frame structure in laminated spruce
  3. Wall panel external finishing - massive wood boards
  4. Insulated panels
  5. Internal finishing – hardboard

The system is particularly suitable for temporary structures up to 3 floors and building site villages.

The modularity of the load bearing cage and panels is a topic of this method.

The insulated wall panel is made with different types of insulating materials depending on the climate zones.

Very fast implementation.

The load bearing wooden frame construction method_ALP is suitable for:

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