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Building site villages, rapidity, economy and reuse

ILLE is leader in building site villages

ILLE has implemented already several building site villages, even in major road works: due a precise organization and standardization of building systems, ILLE guarantees a fast production and implementation of any site project.

ILLE is able to achieve in a short time, at a reasonable price with high living standards, numerous buildings for the workers and the services associated with the site works, either for residential or office/storage.

The ILLE wooden buildings can be easily and quickly disassembled and reused for other functions.

Why building with ILLE building site village

  • fast and modular implementation
  • low construction and operational costs
  • high living standards
  • sustainability and low energy consumption
  • high structural standards for seismic safety
  • possibility of reusing the structure


  • Villaggio Cantiere per i lavori dell'Alta Velocità

    Edifici residenziali per gli addetti ai lavori del cantiere ferroviario Alta Velocità Milano Torino

  • Villaggio Cantiere Lavori Alp Transit San Gottardo

    Edifici di cantiere, residenziali e uffici per i lavori del tunnel del San Gottardo in Svizzera

  • Villaggio di cantiere, residenziale e uffici

    Esempio di palazzine per vilalggi cantiere, rapidità, economicità e confort


Sistemi costruttivi in legno

Load bearing wooden frame construction method ALP

The structural frame is made of laminated wood.

Beams and columns form a structural cage buffered and stiffened with non-bearing wall panel named ALP.

The insulated and modular ALP panel is made of solid wood while the external finishing is made with massive wood boards.

The load bearing wall panels construction method Campiglio

The supporting structure is made up of modular wall panels joined by solid wood uprights.

This system is suitable for the construction of emergency and/or temporary buildings and it is designed to reduce the implementation time; this system does not require the use of lifting and handling machines.


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