Your sustainable house in a classic style

For over 60 years ILLE implements wooden buildings interpreting your needs with a time-approach style. The ILLE classic-style buildings are characterized by advanced construction techniques. An ILLE wooden house can be built using different construction methods according to the architectural design and climate zone. An ILLE house can be certified by CasaClima, Arca, and Leed.
The attention to details and precise finishing are a distinctive part of an ILLE wooden building. The experience gained by ILLE in a 3 generations timeframe is a guarantee in answering any request from your part.

The architectural design is always linked with the highest energetic and living comfort standards.

Why choosing ILLE for a wooden house

  • Fast implementation.
  • Project customization according to your requirements and needs.
  • Only certified wood and biocompatible materials are used.
  • Low house operational costs.
  • High standards for seismic safety.
  • Lifetime house structure warranty.
  • ILLE staff CasaClima, Arca and Leed certifiers and trainers


  • Modern wood house with swimming pool

    Numerose linee di case ecologiche in legno in stile moderno chiavi in mano

  • Edificio in legno a basso consumo energetico

    Casa in legno bifamiliare realizzata con sistema costruttivo Dolomiti Plus; finitura esterna ad intonaco. Ponte Caffaro - Brescia

  • Mountain wood home

    Casa in legno di stile classico

  • Edificio d'abitazione in legno monofamiliare

    Casa in legno realizzata con sistema a telaio, realzizato a Tione di Trento

  • Edificio bifamiliare in legno a basso consumo energetico

    Villette in legno bifamiliari ecologiche e antisismiche



Sistemi costruttivi in legno

“Dolomiti Plus” frame system

The load bearing structure is made of a laminated wood frame.
Laminated wood beams and columns form a structural cage buffered and stiffened by non-bearing Dolomiti Plus wall panel.
The ILLE dolomites PLUS insulated panel provides support for the installation of the insulation part and interior finishing.

Construction method “Platform Frame”

The structure of this system is a load bearing wall panels combination. The bearing walls are made with a solid wood frame stiffened and braced with plywood or OSB panels type.
The space between the uprights is filled with insulating material panels.

ILLE X-LAM panels system

The structure of this system is a load bearing wall panels combination.

The bearing walls consist of a wall panel made of successive layers of solid wood boards. The wall panel thickness is designed according to the occurring loads.


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