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ILLE and the LEED® energetic certification

ILLE applies, when required, the LEED rating system in its projects and implemented buildings.

procedura certificazione energetica LEED

The certification system for building LEED represents a flexible framework that enables groups of designer and contractors to evaluate the strategy that optimizes the relationship between the building and the surrounding environment.

The LEED rating system is divided into 7 sections organized per prerequisites and credits. The prerequisites of each section are required to make the entire building able to be certified; the credits can be chosen depending on the characteristics of the project. The sum of the scores of credits defines the level of certification obtained.

LEED sections:

Site/location sustainability (1 prerequisite, 8 credits - max 26 points): this section addresses the environmental aspects related to the site where the building will be constructed and the relationship of this with the surroundings. The goals are to limit the impact generated by the construction activities, to control the storm water runoff, to encourage environmentally friendly construction methods and techniques following the ecosystem balance.

Water Management (1 prerequisite, 3 credits - max 10 points): This section addresses the environmental issues related to the use, handling and disposal of the buildings water efficiency by monitoring the water flow and promoting the reduction of water consumption and reuse of storm water.

Energy and Atmosphere (3 prerequisites, credits 6 - max 35 points): this section addresses the improving of the building energy performance, the use of energy from renewable or alternative sources and the control of energy performance.

Materials and Resources (1 prerequisite, 7 credits - max 14 points): this section addresses the environmental issues related to the selection of materials, the reduction in using “virgin” (…word to be verified) materials, the waste disposal and the reduction of the environmental impact caused by transportation.

Internal environmental quality (2 prerequisites, credits 8 - max 15 points): this section addresses the environmental concerns related to the internal environmental quality, in terms of health, safety and comfort, energy consumption, effectiveness of air circulation and control of air contamination.

Design innovation (2 credits - max 6 points): This section addresses the identification of the design aspects characterized by innovative aspects and applications of sustainable practices in the building construction process.

Regional Priorities (1 credit - max 4 points): This section addresses the planners and designers groups to encourage them in focusing their attention on environmental topics and aspects related to the location where the project is planned to be done.


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