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Optimization of the structural design: lower costs and higher performance

The ILLE highly skilled technical staff provides support services to the preliminary designing phase through the choice of construction method most appropriate to the building type as well to the pre-sizing of the structure.

Structural analysis, final drawings, storage

During the implementation phase, ILLE provides structural and calculation reports of the wooden elements, ILLE provides as well documentation for the civil engineering department and provides full technical support and documentation for the static tests of timbers.
Within ILLE technical department the entire final documents for the buildings site are produced along with the definition of all connections between wooden elements and wooden and concrete elements.

Certified expertise from the designing phase to the construction site

ILLE is a certified company to manufacture wooden structural elements at the Central Technical Services of the Superior Council of Public Works, as established by the Ministerial Decree of 14 January 2008. In ILLE factories, thanks to the system of company certification, the best control of the entire production line (all the wooden structural and non structural elements) is guaranteed.

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