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Turnkey projects

ILLE supports companies and individuals in implementing works related to wooden carpentry, both partially or fully in wood.

The structural design of the wooden elements is ILLE highly qualified technical staff responsibility, in addition to a technical department with the latest software tools and multimedia system to accomplish the work. The design and the implementation of each detail, combined with the company know-how, is a key factor in meeting the needs of businesses in terms of quality, time and cost.

Production, wood processing and cutting

Inside the ILLE factories is the raw material is worked out and the entire production cycle of the wooden elements is developed, thanks to technologies based on numerical control system, specialized department for cutting wood,

modern system for pressing, assembly and painting the required material. The experience of ILLE skilled workers is an additional value to the whole process.

Assembly, finishing and testing

ILLE is also involved in the assembly phase of the buildings through its teams of highly skilled carpenters able to accompany the architectural and technological designs into construction.

Assembly kits for businesses and artisans

ILLE is able to provide several packages with different levels of finishing (only the structure, advanced structure); all packages are complete with kit that includes architectural design, calculation, construction drawings; support from ILLE technical staff goes along the whole process.

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