TECHNOLOGY | Research: The Dolomiti Pro project

Innovation means research for ILLE

Innovation has always been important to ILLE: in the past was, innovation was experimented on site while nowadays it is approached, studied and verified in laboratories of international credibility.

ILLE started investing a few years ago, human and financial resources plus machines/tools for the study of technological innovations which can improve its products and production processes.

All ILLE residential construction systems have been tested at the laboratories of the CNR-Ivalsa of San Michele verifying the remarkable resilience to seismic loads and others.

Certified wooden construction systems against earthquake

The ILLE dolomiti Plus construction system has been tested on the shaking platform of the experimental laboratory Eucentre of Pavia.

The building, the highest ever tested in Europe, has successfully passed a series of seismic tests up to a magnitude higher than those recorded on April 6, 2009 in Abruzzo.

The ILLE X-lam construction system is the result of a research project named Sofie; it has been tested on a shaking platform (Japan 2007) and it is a system for over seven-story wooden buildings.

Dolomiti Pro project targets: testing and certifying energetic high-performance building systems

Through the Dolomite Pro research project ILLE is testing wall packages to develop new technological solutions able to minimize the buildings seasonal energy, while also improving the acoustic performance of vertical and horizontal partitions. »

Laboratory tests Dolomiti Pro

The ILLE system which can be watched in the video, has been tested in May 2011 and has passed several tests with seismic accelerations of earthquakes three times higher than in the recent Aquila’s earthquake. The building didn’t present any type of damages.


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