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Residence, hotel, country side facilities, camping, facilities:
ILLE wooden technology can make this happen!

ILLE is the ideal partner to realize your project in the tourism and hospitality industry with guaranteed high energy performance facilities, from the designing phase till the construction on site.

ILLE implements turnkey projects without any surprises

ILLE has gained a large experience in building wooden structures for the sea and mountain tourism (hotels, countryside tourism, campsites, cottages, info points) both new or expanding existing buildings. ILLE experience, organization and know how is a key factor in defining and implementing projects with a guaranteed turnkey finished product: the costs, timeframe and quality are assured and without surprises.

High comfort with fast implementation

The use of wood together with a special care in the finishing ensures a high quality in the interior spaces. For this reason, many tour operators have chosen to build with ILLE their accommodation, including extensions, raising and rehabilitation of existing structures.

The construction of high tech facilities and of buildings with high quality standards ensures the user a more comfortable interior space.

The choice of a partially prefabricated wooden structure guarantees to the tour operators a high speed of production and assembly of buildings greatly anticipating the time they can be efficient in the tourism industry.

Why choosing ILLE for a touristic facility made of wood?

  • Fast implementation.
  • Project customization according to your requirements and needs.
  • Only certified wood and biocompatible materials are used.
  • Low house operational costs.
  • High standards for seismic safety.
  • Lifetime house structure warranty.


  • Villaggio turistico realizzato con edifici in legno

    Realizzazione serie di edifici a schiera per il turismo balneare realizzati con sistema costruttivo Ille. Caorle Venezia

  • Bungalows per campeggi ad elevato confort abitativo

    Edifici ricettivi interamente realizzati in legno ad uso estate inverno

  • Struttura ricettiva per ristorazione

    Edificio in legno adibito a ristorante, Locanda Semiramide, Venezia

  • Agritur in legno in alta montagna

    Ricostruzione malga con edificio in legno ad elevate prestazioni energetiche

  • Hotel in bioedilizia, ricostruzione

    Ricostruzione hotel in legno a basso consumo energetico. Hotel Oberosler a Madonna di Campiglio.


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